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Suspension Knuckle Bushings
Also Known as: Knuckle Bushing, Steering Knuckle
Suspension Knuckle Bushings

Suspension Knuckle Bushings are the mounting points between the knuckle and mating chassis parts. The rubber portion isolates suspension noises and vibrations and keeps noise from resonating through the vehicle chassis.

Knuckle Bushings are a wear and tear item on the vehicle and failure is primarily due to rubber deteriorating which usually results in a rattling or clunking sound.

Dorman’s Aftermarket exclusive SKUs (905-504 & 905-505) fit 3 million of the most failure-prone Cadillac (2002-93) and Pontiac 2007-01) vehicles. Previously, these two SKUs were only available from the Dealer as part of the Steering Knuckle.

Now Dorman is providing a solution to replacing the piece vs. the entire assembly at an significant cost savings.




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